We should start this with a disclaimer: we are suckers for the 80’s.

We know that the 80’s can be cheesy, but we wear our cheesiness with pride like a scout’s badge of honor. Summer of 69? We love it. Dire Straits? Already dancing just by mentioning it. ABBA? Guilty as charged!

Our inspiration also comes from the iconic figures that shaped an era, having a special shrine for Lady Di, the classiest person on earth. We know that’s not a controversial statement, but our collection tries to encapsulate the princess’s preppy style with comfortable pieces made in Portugal but with that dash of class while you’re having a blast.

Elegance is effortless and timeless, that’s why our materials are made to last. Our leather bags, also manufactured in Portugal, were designed to accompany you in your adventures in style.

We want you to feel classy and comfortable in your own skin, hence our name: C-U-B-U (See-You-Be-You). We aim that you own what you like, and like what you own.

We would like to have you in our journey that starts with the Classics Collection 2021 – shot in Douro – that displays our true colors with a classical and vintage approach revealing our genuine identity, because this isn’t just a brand it’s a lifestyle!