Classics Cotton FW 21/22

Padel Drop

We are back with our 90’s club FW 21/22. If you’re a millennial, you’ll shiver with childhood memories. If you’re a Gen Z, you can sit with us.

Don’t blame us for going back to those simpler times when your main concern was getting home after being with your friends not covered in dirt and ruining your sweater.

We want that feeling and garments back! This is your chance to have that coveted sweater that belonged to your older brother. You wanted it so bad that you almost traded your Gameboy for it (the struggle was real).

Now, you can keep your Gameboy and enjoy our 100% organic cotton track-suits and our all cotton erryyyything collection.

Our identity hasn’t changed: still preppy and nostalgic! And for those of us that cannot rock Farrah Fawcett’s bangs, we can at least try to look as cool as she did in the 90’s while playing tennis. We want to take that tennis court vibes everywhere, even if we are not that good with a tennis racket. We can still look the part.

If you liked us in our 80’s, you deserve us in our 90’s vibe.