FW 23-24

FW 23-24

CLUB 695

Who are you when nobody’s watching? 

What do you wear on those laid-back days? Or when you’re running errands all day, grabbing lunch with your bestie somewhere in the neighborhood? All day doing back-office work at home, and you’ve got to pick your kids up from school at 4 pm. On Sundays at home or on a Saturday morning power walk? Do you invest in yourself for those moments? 

Casual-cool laid-back doesn’t have to look lazy. You can have it all! Invest in yourself; life isn’t a party or a day at the office. Life is every tiny little moment, and you must feel good with yourself even when nobody’s watching.

About Us

Long story short! Two boys, childhood friends, born and raised in Porto, Portugal. They wanted to open a fitness club, but in their minds, this wasn’t just a gym. It was a giant cube (which means cubo(u) in portuguese) with big windows facing the ocean. Well… they couldn’t find anything that fulfilled their expectations (for now!) but that didn’t stop them. “What if c u b u fitness club had a little fitness boutique inside, and we start it already?”

And so they did. The dream of creating a fitness club didn’t fade away, it just grew into something bigger and better! They want to create a way of living, a lifestyle that is more than just a Gym or a sportswear brand. They’ll convince you that staying healthy is the coolest thing there is! And this is just the start.

So, will u join the club?